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Spring Outdoor Recreation : Home

KUA Spring 2017 Freshman Outdoor Recreation

Tentative Schedule

Journaling, photography, social media feeds are ongoing

Prior to each day 

  • Discuss and plan the day's activities
  • Appointment of photographer(s) and social media maven
  • Assigned reading


  • Outing: Hike with orienteering and wildlife/plant observation
  • Reflections: spring wildlife, migration, mating season, land management
  • Presentation planning


  • Outing: VINS and Quechee Gorge
  • Reflections: challenges to wildlife, including habitat loss/change, traffic, etc. 
  • Presentation prep


  • On campus: Outdoor Classroom project
  • Reflections: legacy, what makes an outdoor classroom different from indoors, connections
  • Presentation prep


  • Outing: Canoeing
  • Reflections: waterfowl, water habitat, threats to water (invasive species, pollution, climate change)
  • Presentation finalization


  • Presentations (school-wide) at the Outdoor Classroom

Spring Outdoor Recreation

The Upper Valley offers incredible recreation opportunities, some of which are unique to a wooded, mountainous region. Among them are hiking, paddling, trail running, and climbing; and wildlife hobbies like tracking. Some of these activities grew out of practical necessity, such as tracking, which was once a vital skill for survival. Critical to these activities is access to natural resources.


The outdoor recreation group will learn about the rich history of these activities as well as experience them! We will walk and hike trails in Meriden and the surrounding communities, discover signs of animal life, learn about local land preservation and trails groups, and paddle on a nearby lake. During the course of the week, we will consider the origins of the area's topography. We will also hear about the origins of trails, from very local trails to the Appalachian trail, which stretches from Georgia to Maine. Finally, we will learn how people come together to protect and use natural resources.


Whether you are a newcomer to the Upper Valley or have grown up here and want to learn more about our backyard treasures, this will be a great week. No prior experience necessary!