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U.S. Presidents: Home

Books in the Library

Search the library catalog for books and documentary films at KUA. Try a subject or keyword search for your president's name (try last name, first name and first name last name). Use the "Power" search to narrow down: for example, search "civil rights" AND "kennedy" to find JFK's position and influence on the civil rights movement.

Off campus?

For access to the databases from off campus, email the librarians for passwords.

Getting started

These resources are good starting points to look for general, background information on your president's life and political career.

Secondary Sources

Once you've gathered some basic factual information from the reference sources above, take the next step with these secondary sources. The articles and reports you find in these databases or websites will provide deeper levels of analysis, to help you answer the more nuanced questions about a president's political career and legacy.

Primary Sources

Primary sources are original, "raw" material from history without any secondary analysis or interpretation. In the following resources you will find actual documents -- speeches, letters, photographs, etc. -- from the time period you are studying.

Videos in the Library

Citing Sources