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The following articles can be looked up in the Proquest Historical Newspapers database, accessible on campus or with password from librarian:

  • Light in the Dark Continent.  Los Angeles Times (1886-1922); a Special Contributor; Oct 2, 1898; p. 4; 2 Pages   Illustrates some of the perspectives and biases of the West at the time of the colonization of Africa.  
  • In Foreign Lands.  New York Times (1857-1922); Dec 19, 1898; p. 7; 1 Page. This article announces the creation of a new country, to be called Nigeria. 

This is an interview with Chinua Achebe in 2000 on the Atlantic magazine web site:

  • Bacon, Katie. "An African Voice." The Atlantic Online. The Atlantic Monthly Group, 2 Aug. 2000. Web. 27 Dec. 2012.  

The following books can be found on the Web using Google Scholar:

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For access to the databases from off campus, email the librarians for passwords.

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