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Ancient Mythology: Resources

A guide to finding resources on ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian mythology, both in the library and on the web

Books in Our Library

Here are a few of the books we have on this topic in the library.  To find more, try searching the catalog for "mythology" or "gods", and click Keyword.


Now you can find links to searchable eBooks in the Library Catalog!  These are designated by the little blue "e" logo on the left of the page, and "electronic resource" after the title.  Currently our eBook collection is comprised mostly of reference books--over a hundred--which are available through Oxford University Press. If you are off campus, the librarians can give you a password to log in. 

Here are two eBooks that may be helpful.  Follow the Electronic Access link to see the eBook.  Use the search bar to find a specific god or topic (such as "roman mythology"), or click on "Browse this book" to use the virtual index to look through the book alphabetically.

On the Web

Some great resources that are available for free on the web:

Greek Gods video

Find more videos on the ancient world at

“Greek Gods.” The History Channel website. A&E Television Networks, LLC, 2011. Web. 13 Sep. 2011.

Library Databases

In both of these databases, try searching for a specific god or goddess, or search “Roman Mythology” or “Egyptian Religion”, etc, for longer overview articles:

Off campus?

For access to the databases from off campus, email the librarians for passwords.

Citing Sources