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Humanities: World Religions, Comparative Mythology, and the Search for Meaning: Hinduism

This guide will help you find sources to support projects in the Humanities elective

Hindu Deity Assignment Description

You will each be presenting on a different Hindu deity (choice made during class). Each presentation will need to include the deity's iconography (through the meurti, if available), mantra(s), yantra(s) and mudra(s), if available. You will also need to tell the deity's origin story or a story associated with the deity. We will be giving you source material through print sources and this LibGuide.  Length: 5 minutes.
One of your sources could be our text, World Mythology, which has information on a number of the deities listed below. 
Final Side of presentation must be a Works Cited list (in MLA style).  Please see Ms. Blue or Ms. Clisura for help with Works Cited. Also, use Noodletools rather than Easybib. 
CP: TWO sources required
Honors: THREE sources required
Submit as Google Slides.

Books in the Library

Websites on the Internet

Library Resources Online

*A note about spellings

Throughout these sources you will sometimes find different spellings of names. Sometimes the h's are left out, for example: Krsna vs. Krishna, Siva vs. Shiva. While searching the text of an ebook or looking through websites online, be aware that an alternate spelling of your deity's name might be used. Search using the possible variant spellings to make sure you find all relevant material on your deity.

Citing Sources