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Civilization: Books

Finding Books at KUA

Search the Destiny catalog for keywords related to the country or civilization. Start with a simple term such as "byzantium" and click on the Keyword icon. To narrow the search, add other terms ("byzantium civilization" will search for books with Byzantium AND civilization). To expand the search, truncate the word for alternate endings (for example, "byzant*" will search for "byzantium" as well as "byzantine"). For best results, use synonymous terms ("middle ages" or "medieval").  

Once you have found a relevant book, look at the subject headings and click on any that are followed by Find It! This will lead you to similar books in the catalog. You might also find similar books on the shelf near the one you have identified. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes relevant books are shelved in different sections, either because they fall in a different call number range or because of size. Large format books are in the Oversize sections.

The shelves map on top of the bookcases will help guide you, and each bookcase is labeled with the call number range in that aisle.

Ancient Civilizations

This is only a selection of books in the library; there are many more in the Civilizations Resource List in Destiny. See the databases page for ebooks. 

Citing Sources