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Ancient Civilizations  

Find resources on ancient Egypt, China, India and Greece
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Books in Our Library

Here are a few of the books we have on this topic in the library.  To find more, try a Power search in the library catalog.  Here are some Power Search keyword combinations that you might want to try:

"ancient" AND "egypt"

"military" AND "greece"

(substitute in the particular civilization that you have chosen for your paper)

Cover Art
Legacy : the origins of civilization
Call Number: DVD 930 LEG
A six-episode documentary on three discs. Each episode covers the civic and cultural history of a great ancient civilization. Included are China, Egypt, India, and ancient Europe.

Cover Art
The first armies
Call Number: 355.3 D272f
Shows how the earliest civilizations developed military institutions and dedicated war-making technologies from chariots to siege engines.

Cover Art
Ancient Egyptian civilization
Call Number: 932.01 ANC
Covers the royalty, religion, accomplishments, rise, decline, and legacy of this ancient civilization. Includes a short summary of the history of Egypt including two maps.

Cover Art
Handbook to life in Ancient Greece
Call Number: 938 A236h
Covers all aspects of ancient Greece, including rulers and leaders, military affairs, geography, economy, trade and transport, religion and mythology, art and science.

Cover Art
The history of the ancient world : from the earliest accounts to the fall of Rome
Call Number: 930 BAU
Guides readers on a tour of the ancient worlds of Sumer, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Mesopotamia and Rome. Drawing on epics, legal texts, private letters and court histories, the author introduces individuals who lived through the famines, plagues, floods, wars and empire building of the ancient world: the marvelous array of characters includes Gilgamesh, Sumer's first epic hero; Yù, the founder of the Xia dynasty in China; and Tiglath-Pileser III, who restored the Assyrian empire's fortunes. Includes timelines and maps.

On the Web

Some great resources that are available for free on the web:

  • HistoryWorld
    An extensive and well-organized world history site created by Bamber Gascoigne, reaching from the prehistoric to the present day. There are two ways to browse the site: by keyword ("Histories") or by timeline. The Timelines section is broken down by century, country, continent, empire, or theme (religion, science, etc).
  • BBC History: Ancient history in-depth
    The BBC's History page contains sections on ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, and more. Here you will find essays written by professors and scholars and detailed photo guides.
  • Tour Egypt: Ancient Egypt
    A website commissioned by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. You can find articles on government, historic figures, religion and funeral rites, and culture on the right side of the page.
  • A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization
    Created by history professor Patricia Buckley Ebrey, the Visual Sourcebook features a timeline accompanied by exclusive maps which show how the borders and territories of ancient China changed from dynasty to dynasty
  • The Ancient Greek World
    An online exhibit created by the University of Pennsylvania. Explores the land, daily life, warfare, and religion of Ancient Greece.

Ancient Weapons and Warfare

Find more videos on the ancient world at

“Ancient Chinese Weapons.” 2012. The History Channel website. Feb 10 2012, 2:00

Library Databases

** Day students!  Please note that all library databases, including Britannica Academic, require a login in order to access them off-campus.   Email us for a list of database usernames and passwords.

  • KUA Library Catalog
    Books and documentaries on DVD at KUA. Try a Power search in the library catalog. Here are some keyword suggestions that you might want to try:

    egypt* <-- Using an *asterisk will return all records that contain any variation of the root which precedes the asterisk. In this case, it will search for "egypt" and "egyptian" at the same time, without having to do two separate searches for each word.

    egypt AND art (egypt AND mythology, etc)
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
    A great alternative to Wikipedia! A very current, easy-to-use, general database. Try a simple keyword search, such as "ancient egypt", to get a list of related articles. Or you can search the name of a particular dynasty or ruler to get more details.
  • Academic Search Premier
    This database is a good place to look for more in-depth information after you have gotten a basic overview from Encyclopedia Britannica. You will find academic articles on history, the sciences, the humanities, politics, and more.

Off campus?

For access to the databases from off campus, email the librarians for passwords.

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