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Ancient Civilizations: Resources

Find resources on ancient Egypt, China, India and Greece

Books in Our Library

Here are a few of the books we have on this topic in the library.  To find more, try a Power search in the library catalog.  Here are some Power Search keyword combinations that you might want to try:

"ancient" AND "egypt"

"military" AND "greece"

(substitute in the particular civilization that you have chosen for your paper)

On the Web

Some great resources that are available for free on the web:

Ancient Weapons and Warfare

Find more videos on the ancient world at

“Ancient Chinese Weapons.” 2012. The History Channel website. Feb 10 2012, 2:00

Library Databases

** Day students!  Please note that all library databases, including Britannica Academic, require a login in order to access them off-campus.   Email us for a list of database usernames and passwords.

Off campus?

For access to the databases from off campus, email the librarians for passwords.

Citing Sources