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African American History : The Assignment

For Mr. Diamond's US History classes.

Research Assignment 2016-2017

CP United States History

Research Assignment Winter 2017

The purpose of this years CP United States History research project is to build on to your knowledge of library resources, research techniques, and to cultivate written/ analytical skills.

The focus of your research will begin with a topic from the racial history of the United States unit we are working on this term. There is a list below of topics from which you will choose. Research papers may branch out to specific histories with approval.

You must use at least six academic sources such as academic/ peer-review journals, books, newspaper articles, and information from reputable websites. The paper is not a summary of the articles and other information you have read, but rather a synthesis and analysis of what other writers have said about the topic you have chosen.

The paper should be 7-8 pages with a clear thesis statement, typed, double-spaced, and in font size 12. The works cited must be in MLA style.

We will spend some time in library. Use the librarians as resources and get as much help as possible from them and me in cultivating your topic.

Essential Questions to answer: What is your topic’s significance to communities of color and to the broader community? How does the history of race in the United States affect society today? Or how are issues today affected by the history of race in America?

Listed below are dates to remember:

December 12th: Meet in Library Board room to introduce library research/ project

January 3rd& 4th: Meet in Library Board room to select topic and begin initial research

January 10th(G) 11th (C): Meet in Library Board Room. Research Notes and Sources Check (Graded)

January 23rd: Meet in Library Board room for outline check (Graded)

February 6th: Writing workshop; bring a draft (at least 3 pages) (Graded)

February 22nd & 23rd: Final Draft Due

Outline Rubric

Write a full intro/ thesis.

Write topic sentences for each main section of your paper.

List 2 examples you are using in for each section and note how it relates to the topic sentence for that section.

Reader can see clear organization.

Research Paper

The list is comprised of movements, organizations, and influences. In your essay, some questions to get you started might be: What is it? Where is it? Why does/ did it exist? When was it founded? Who were the founders? What are/ was its goals and objectives? What is its membership? What are its achievements? Always refer back to the essential question: What is its significance to communities of color and to the broader community?